Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Auto Money With Pligg CMS

hello, now i back for post somthing for you my reader. are ever hear about pligg cms? haha i think you never hear it before, Pligg cms very different then blogspot or wordpress. Pligg cms is not for a blogging, this cms (Content Management System) use for social bookmark like digg.com, where you will not maked busy for uptimation your site because your visitor will be post for your site if you use pligg cms. This function of social bookmark is a your visitor can get trafiict if the articles where been submited by your visitor on your pages, the articles can be on homepage is the articles recive vote from another user.

ok Pligg cms is very vast for upload because this cms have a lite diskspace, i see not longger than 5MB for all files. pligg cms very easy instalation i think under one hours your site with pligg cms can be online. pligg cms have many cool templates, you can search in google with keywords free template pligg cms. you can configure your site with easy, you can change all of the components with so easy. plig cms have many widgets like : Top user, Popular Tag, upcomin news, published news and etc. Pligg cms is very fast for load beceuse this cms very focus on the content.

but pligg cms very hard for change the module if you newbie for scripting php and css. because pligg cms use php and css for edit all the content not like blogspot. beside it many pligg template have ads, its make your site not elegant, you can change the ads, but you must know where the ads script placed. haha i think its very hard because there are +1050 files in cms pligg. haha, i have a great solution, buy a premium templates. haha its a simple way, spent your money.

ok lets install pligg to your webhost:
1. Upload your pligg cms to your webhost, you can download at pligg.com
2. After y0u download you must install your cms go to the http://yourdomain.com/install/install.php
3. Follow the step and finish

After you finish for instalation you can login and change the default template, choose the template where you will get the placement ads for cool. i think you can use premium templates.

Auto Money? hey you never say it on the top? haha why i call it with auto money? okay i will share with you. Your site is social bookmark site, so you never post an articles. with it you get auto content, and auto visitor. placed many ads on your site. and you just sleep money will searh yourself. haha its a simple trick for make money online with easy but you need more money for youe. ok im very tired toda, im sory for post bad posting, see you.

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