Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You Can't Make Money From Facebook ?

I know that you can't make money from facebook. You been do all things to make money from facebook but you never recive payment? haha i know it because you search this articles and read it. Do you want to make money from facebook? are you never recive payment with facebook? you need money? if thats true read this articles words by words until end. check this out...

You must know make money from facebook not easy and not difficult but on facebook many factors can make you succes make money from facebook, its if you seriusly or not, and lucky or not. That factors very importand many people succes because he seriusly and many people succes not by seriusly but by lucky. No ane know that you lucky or not? so if you seriusly maybe its can make you be succes.If you been seriusly but you very hard to succes? maybe you chose wrong way or steps to monotize your facebook accounts.

I think 80% of people  can't be succes monotize their facebook accounts because they didn't understand how it works. So you must know what are you doing for chose your ways. i will give you example :

I will chose type of monotize facebook profiles with affiliate.And i chose affiliate a couple tshrit products, so if my friends on facebook do not have couple i think they will never buy couple tshirt, so i will add a friends who have a couple. The point of thats statements is "You must know targets of your marketing" just it and you will be succes, ^_^

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abbie said...

You sound so sure about your money made from facebook. Too bad, I'm not a facebook-lover. But a good post btw. Keep it up! :)

Tutorial, Tips, Trick, Info. said...

thanks, ^_^ i love facebook

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