Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wordpress is bad?

Wordpress is a media or a engine for post your think online, wordpress like a cms machine. wordpress give you 2 choosen, and i think you know what on , yes they are a free blog from wordpress and not like cms, but in you can get wordpress cms and you can install it on your webhost with upload it or you can use fantastico auto instaler.

In you can get your blog with 100% free and i think blog on wordpress is more SEO friendly than other blog egine. Beside it if you can get backlink from if you write popular articles, so you will get more visitor to your blog. Wordpress have many widgetz with easy instalation, like archives, calendar and etc. If you use wordpres cms you can use a plugin plugin for your blog, like plugin for input java script or plugin for optimation your SEO and SERP.

Wordpress is bad? i think is bad because you can't input many script there, ofcourse its free. if you use you can get wordpress cms and you can upload it in your webhost and you can use plugin for input your script. Im a student i will chose buy a snack then buy a hosting package. do you know where are i can find cheap webhost with unlimited bandwith?

I use free, i will chose blogspot then wordpres because with blogspot you can use all script, but you can;t use php script. if you will use php script you musy buy a webhost. What do you think wordpress vs blogspot?

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kumpulan bisnis said...

wordpress is good...
o ya kalau pengen PR tinggi harus rajin cari backlink bos

Tutorial, Tips, Trick, Info. said...

hmm why did you saya wordpress is good?

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