Friday, June 25, 2010

What advantages of wordpress 3.0 ?

Hey im very late to post this thing that wordpress 3.0 now avaliabel. hmm.. i dont know when wordpress been updates their version to wordpress 3.0. Many times a go i visit one blog that on their blog post about wordpress update from there i know that wordpress been updates. but i can't share with perfectly because i not use wordpress for my blog, im use blogspot, like this blog. im newbie in wordpress so i will share that another people feel usin wordpress 3.0

Ok i think the first you thing about Wordpress 3.0 is "what's new in wordpress 3.0 ?" i see many people look the different of the last version is from the help menus, Menus, Custom Post, Multiple Blog, URL Shortening, Default Twentyten themes,Inslatalion, Updates Plugin, Custom Backgrounds and Headers, etc. its a lot of difference from new wordpress version wordpress 3.0 the most people thing. beside it you can find the difference from the new logos of wordpress in admins header, Search Engines Blocked and layouts from the color design and etc.

from the SEO are wordpress 3.0 SEO Friendly? i think that wordpress verison before 3.0 is SEO friendly from people say, but i dont know about are wordpress 3.0 is SEO Friendly? i think A Blog engine can call SEO Frindly if the blog engine have a H1 heading tag for the title, and have a breadcrump for navigation with easy, there are have h2 heading tag for the title in the sidebar, and have bold text every keywords and links. but now i thing SEO FRIENDLY is 80% is from your quality content. if you write a good articles so you can get backlink with automaticly, because your reader give the referention to your blog if your sontent is well.

I think the best advantages of wordpress 3.0 is in wordpress 3.0 can use with multisite, in one accounts you can make many blog. its very nice for many people they will safe many money for buy a hosting package. and custom background and custom header in wordpress 3.0 is a great news for who like cool design. with it you can make your blog different then another blog. its so can make a new bussines from designer like make a site free wordpress header or make a site about free backgrounds images for wordpress Blog Engine.

A lot of people just say it but i very wait for wordpress can be support javascript like blogspot. im very need blog engine where it can support javascript because i want to place my ads in my blog, but a lot of ads is use javascript script, i thing wordpress can't support javascript. i ever hear that wordpress can support javascript with add plugin but in hosted wordpress, are in wordpress 3.0 i can input javascript with free or did'nt need upload in my hosting ?

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saffa said...

You can put javascript in like google adsense.... check it out

jarno said...

nice share... tks 4 ur visit 2 my blog

Tutorial, Tips, Trick, Info. said...

hmm but if google adsense placed in must be 50:50 with wordpress

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