Friday, June 11, 2010

Selected The Best Digital Camera

 Hey i guys, i have digital camera but i think i have a bad digital camera wich expensive price. hm.. i think i can buy a the great digital camera with cheap, but i buy my camera with expensive and have low performance. I incorrectly to selected the best digital camera.oh my god, I should not buy a digital camera in a hurry so I do not miscast.

If you want to buy a digitals kamera you must know what are  the best specivication for you needed. If you just use digitals camera just for your family documentation i think you didn't  need high specivication so you can safe your money more. But if your profesion be a photographer ofcourse you need a high specivication and performance for your job beside it you will need another tools for your camera, like the lmap, tripod and etc .you  must know what do you need if you want to buy a cameras. before you buy a cameras  do not hesitate to ask how a good specification with a budget and your needs to the shop kepper, if tha shop kepper bot help you i think you wrong to chose a shop. now if you want to buy a digitals camera select based on the following criteria :

Quality image
Battery life
Number of shots
Scene modes
Digital zoom 
Overall design

for example if you need cameras for your journey on the jungle, it hink you must buy a camera wich have a good quality image, can be use autofocus for take a runs animal picture, and have high speed too. you need battery life very long because you far from electricity area, if you want you can buy many battries. you know that the jugle have a lot of woderfull scenary, so you must have a lot of quota image, you can use 4 - 16  GB . I think in jugle you did not need scene modes you just need a natural picture so you can leave this thing. For resolution if you want to print it out for size 4R i think you can use 4 PX minimal . and you must have max digital zoom because you nedd take a nimal photo for far. and you can use big dimension of your lensand for design you must chose which a can be used for all weather. and i think you need at least $150 to buy camera for your joerney on the jungle.

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