Monday, June 14, 2010

Rock Legends Cheat , Are its Work?

hi all of gamers do you know rock legend? yea the musical game that you can play on your facebook profile page. Rock Legend is a the most popular free games on facebook. Rock legend different then other musical games, in this game you can play with a cool avatar, you can invite your friends as your band, you can battle with another band, you can battle with city tour. you can permark your avatar and you can get level. In this game you will be cool if you have a high level and have a lot member and have good style. last i play rock legend i levels 17 th. haha i lazy to use facebook because very slow to load facebook pages (but now i find alternative facebook

If you want to play you must have a facebook accounts. if you didn't have a facebook accounts you must create a facebook accounts for play rock legends with free. after it you must install the rock legends game to your profile page with   search rock legend in aplication. after it you can invite your friends to join with your group, you must have a friends thats like with a game. and now you can bettle and you can tour to the another city. if you been battle you will get a coins for buy a avatar. and you can up level with fastly if you do the tour to another city.

On my another blog i have been post about Rock Legends Cheat but its not work its jus for cuteness. haha and i laugh with fully if i read the comments of my post about Cheat Rock Legends. now i will share to you, i think you can't use cheat for rock legend. if you can its not cheat but its hacked. i know that this game dont have cheat. but the bloggers use it for get traffic for them blog with post about rock legends cheat. so play rock legend with seriusly, do not thing that you can use cheat.

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