Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Twitter Suspended

dear netter, i know you have prmblem as same as with me. Are you accounts have been deactive or suspended by admin? yes? i think you do monotize your twitter accounts. now twitter can't be monotize by auto post ads. but you can monotize it with post ads manualy. You don't monotize your twitter accounts but your twitter been suspended? i think you do spaming or  you do to fast for follow another people or you use auto followers tools. maybe your problem as same as with me. haha i think we need twitter accounts insurance , Lets start the Investigation.

I have a twitter accounts (Its not privacy , many aplication know my password), have a 100 K followers and i have least 10 k following. I use autofollow for many followers, maybe 3 follower i get with autofollowers. its no problem my twitter accounts safety. and then i follow anther poeple who always follow back and then i unfollow them, then my account been updates for unfollowers people. until it my accounts safety. and then i use a tolls where if my blog been updates so my twitter updates automaticaly. ok no prblem, and then i start to monotize my twitter accounts with autopost, after it my accounts suspended, i can't login.

My friends ask that i must contact the administrator via email because use microblogging twitter not for social. but i don't do it, because i think the administrator know that i will not stoped monotize my twitter accounts. so? what can i do? hm.. im just silent. one day i read a articles where tell about twitter banned and can be repair least of 40% huah... oh my god. Ok now i think i can not to make money from my twitter accounts, if i can i must have a lot of follower, and post ads manualy.

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dofollow blog said...

Retweeting the same tweet may suspend your account

Tutorial, Tips, Trick, Info. said...

but i dont retweet same tweet, why my accounts banned?

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