Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hey are you been hear about Facebook for muslim? never? ok this site is a social networking for Muslim Users, i quote that site launched in Pakistan, they build facebook for muslim. This social network named MillatFacebook, is can mean as Nation Facebook in Urdu, now Millatfacebook have more then 8.000 Users. wouw its amazing... Millatfacebook very have more attention from muslim users.

I will share with you what i whink about excess for MillatFacebook. think Millatfacebook is very good because its for Muslim so i think if we join it we can share about Islam :). but many poeple say that the acces for load Millatfacebook is very slow, are its because the server in Pakistan? i dont know. but i will give 10 point for Millatfacebook because its new social bookmark site, so they will be repairing it, and then we can acces with fast. ^_^

Beside it Millatfacebook can be use for Muslim user for many country international for share about their thing. so you can share with another people who can learn to you about islam with great. you can make a discusion for one problem. and i think most of user can answer it well because muslim user have Al Qur'an and Al Hadist.

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irqasbhani said...

Eye opener – Are you being profiled? – Reality of Facebook everyone should know – CIA Profile Database?
Eye-opener – Are you being profiled? –
Reality of Facebook everyone should know – CIA Profile Database
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpLNlSKugHw&feature=related
So it’s a high time to join fully privacy protected www.Millatfacebook now

sobia said...

Invite All Your Friends to MFB
AOA to all
Today i find something really interesting on our MFB may be this is might be new for you but its something new for me and that is "Invite" option with which you can invite all your friends at Hotmail,Gmail,Yahoo,AOL,Orkut and much much more. I must say i'm lovin it and gonna invite all my friends to my MFB how about you?

Thumbs up for our MFB team

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