Sunday, June 27, 2010

lunar Eclipse 2010 June 26

hey yesterday ( 2010 06 26 ) i very amazed i see a lunar eclipse yesterday in indonesia. its on 21.00 WIB i see the moon like a fruit that been eaten by a quarter. it look very nice, very cool. im very amazed look the lunar eclipse. and then on the morning at 04.00 WIB the moon is very brightly and full beside it the moon look very lightend. im cant speak anything, lunar eclipse yesterday is very coll and make me amazed. but very unfortunate im not take a picture because i dind't have SD Card for my digital cameras and i didn't have enough battery but i can see the pictures of lunar eclipse at 2010 June 26 in , its the pictures.

lunar Eclipse 2010 june 26Pictures of lunar Eclipse 2010 june 26

Hmm very cool pictures, i ever here at my child that lunar eclipse is about the monster who eat the moon, i think its a joke that we do not go out at night. its my think. im sorry if its corret. And now i know what happen with moon at lunar eclipse. Lunar Eclipse occurs if the light of sun to the moon stymied by earthm this condition occurs if the sun, earth and moon on the one parallel lines. haha i know it because i ever learn about it at in junior high scholl and under it, like lunar eclipse, eclipse of the sun and etc about solar system.

sun, earth and moon on the one parallel lines

I very interest about solar system i want to buy a binoculars stars on online store. but i think its very expencive its a $100++ i will saving to buy it in online shop. with binoculars stars i can do observation about stars, another planets like vonus and etc. I will saving $100++ from monotize this blog. im very happy i can get my money without my parents. it make me proud with my self. im just hope all of you be your self, do not rely on others. from now you must stand up and think about you can life without the inconvenience of others but to life with other people together and happy.

Ok lets go to the topics, lunar eclipse at june is a lunar is a type partial. By the way if you want to make an animation about lunar eclipse i think i can share with you with 3ds max 7 (i think you need it for your home work). ok if you want to create a animation about solar system, the first you must build orbits with silinders and build the earth , the moon with geosphere, and omni as a the sun. nad then add patch deform for your object for follow the orbits. and then make animation the geoshphere around the orbits. ok now render it. hey i have a great idea you can make animation like predictions that nibiru will crushed with the our earth. make orbits crushed. nad then render it.

Ok its very simple you can permaks it with adobe ilustrator. you can add an effect like a fire, explosion and etc. you just import the video been rendered ind 3ds max. i think 3ds need more time for rendering if you use reytrace maping. if me will use simpel maping. for the light just use omni. and for the star you can use background in rendering option. ok just this think i can share with you all, please come back soon for see my next blogpost. im wait you...

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