Wednesday, June 30, 2010

lazy learning?

Hey are you lazy for learning? haha me as same as with you, me very enjoy for blogging but for learning im very lazy. hmm how can be like that? haha i know layz or not is about that you like your activity or not, i like blogging and i never lazy to write a blogpot, but if learning me not the problem is how to make interest for leraning, if we interest for learning, i think you never fell lazy with your favorites job (Learning)and there will never be lazy words. but think it are its easy for make we love with learning? Ok read this articles fully

Think what are you like and think why you can like that? i will give example for myself. im very like with blogging, many times i spent for write an articles, i like share with all of my blog follower. its very tired but why i can like blogging? i like blogging because me have a dream with my blog, i will make money from my blog, so i never fells lazy because if me didn't write many post on my blog i can't grab my dream, monotize my blog. are know that? you must love your activity for destroy laziness.

Hey are you kidding? its very hard to make we love with our activity. its not easy like you say. hey guys i think learning all of poeple need for it. so you must think hard "I MUST LEARNING I MUST LEARNING" i think you can its so hard because you have no passion. for get your passion you can get it with another people touch. like support to you, from your frien or your family, you can get it if you learning together. i you been get passion i think its a way for warm your lazy.

are you have been get passion for learning you need keep it on my self, how to do it? i think you must need a schedule for learning and do it with enjoy. do not lost your schedule , the more you forget that it is increasingly becoming a habit. and if you been habit learning everyday i think you now succes for put your lazy on the trash. now will learning you can get many info, you can get many think that you never known before. and now you will be smart, smart is 40% of succes.

hey i never lazy for learning now, everday i learning with seriusly, but i can't write it in my head? hey its your problem, you may not for learning with seriusly you need learning with enjoy, remember "LEARNING WITH ENJOY" if you enjoy with your activity so you can get what do you want. i will share a lite of my tricks for enjoy. many people can fell enjoy if they listen music, i think you can buy a music that it make your heart calm, like pop or jazz or instrumentals. beside id you can leraning with do your hobbies, if your hobbies is fishing i think its you can use your time for wait the fish, you can use it for learning. ok lets be a smart people. please come to see my next blogpost.

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