Monday, June 7, 2010

Keep Smile Without Money

dear netter, i think the most of you have a bad experience without money. realy? i think you will be sad if you have money and you must buy something, haha mee to. but now i know i can smile without money, how to do it? haha just have a credits card, you will be smile without money, just kidding ^_^ for smile without money is so very difficult if you dont know "What the nature of money?" or "What the mean of money for your life?" ok.. let's find out

Money? what is money? Who the first people have money? i think its not so importand but i want to tell about you "what is the use of money?" Money is a device where 2 poeple or more can be barter wich they want. For example, "A" have a "Fish" and then "B" have a Chiken, And "C" have a "Fruit" . "A" want to eat a "Fruit" but A have no Fruit, and B want to eat a "fish" but B have no Fish, and C want to eat chiken. So B will be exchange the chiken with fruit and  exchange fruit for a Fish. But its not efficient so now use money for Exchage.

emh... now what do you think about money? Money is a media for exchange you can call it with "buy" haha, i know you have been know it. i know you will think that we can happy without money? how we can buy for eat?  how we can buy for my child? hey! you must know the mean of happy, HAPPY = Be grateful. why? What you receive with the existing. means that your needs are met. you will never feel less. you must know, happiness is not actually on the property.

5 underestimated human happiness :

1. Have a health body
2. Can help someone
3. Can be grateful
4. Have a feel without another poeple, like love
5. Can be patient 

The key of happines is, don't feel less, you must be grateful !

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