Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Google Dance Attacking

hua.. i very angry my blog visitor be very less. i dont know what happen with my blog. and i go to the webmasteral centeral and i know that my SERP is down, Google Search engine show my page at least 10 on a day, oh my god, im very anggry. i thing i dont do anything, and i have a great backlink, what happen? and i go to my forums and i ask about this news. and all of my friends answer it because "GOOGLE DANCE"

What is google dance? are goole going to the club and the do the dance? google dance is where google serp have bad mood. One day you can get serp in top and one day you can get serp on the bottom. my friends ask google dance because you very long for didn't updater your blog. hm..  but my blog awlways post once at two days, and then my freinds answer about you very up to get backlink, like you get 1000 backlink today and tomorrow you can't get backlink. oh no...

I know that i very slowly to update my baklink but why google dance at my home? hm...  i very angry and then i go to the webmasteral centeral again and then i send to the webmasteral centeral to review my blog again. ok ^_^ clear my blog in SERP top again, iam very happy but now my blog in SERP bottom again. oh no..........!  im very angry! WHAT HAPPEN WITH MY BLOG?

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