Saturday, June 5, 2010

Free Acces Mobile Facebook

Hello now i wan to tell about facebook again.. before it i post about "You Can't Make Money From Facebook ?" that post been response of many people, i am happy if my post have response. Now i want to tell about how to use facebook with free from your phone. Iwant to learn how you can acces your facebook accounts via mobile or your phone, i hope my post have many response from my blog reader. 

Hey before i tell about it, maybe you don't know what is facebook? haha ok i will share what is facebook, facebook is a online social media. Facebook build by mark zuckerberg on 2004. Mark is a Harvard student, and facebook just for Harvard Student but now facebook can be use for all people. If you dont' have facebook you can sign up in Ok ready to acces mobile facebook with free? yea... check this out..

Hey i know you always acces or if you acces facebook from your phone. but its not free, how to acces facebook with free? simple way you can use and you will acces facebook with free, but its can be use if you use Telkomsel, Xl, Axis, 3 cellular operators. Enjoy it you can acces facebook with with free for 24 hours, unlimited use, but the acces will be slowly..

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