Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Apply For A Job

Hey i never Apply For A Job Before but i can share with you about my teacher said about Applying For A job. im now at senior high school i think after me finished study from my senior high school i will work at frelance job beside im sutdy at university. my teacher said if you want to Apply for A job you must focus on many factors, like a make a curiculum vitae with profesionals and make it as interesting as possible. Beside it many HRD will see your portofolio, so dont make a bad portofolio. You need your photo profile with full smiley for make HRD Oficer know that you so friendly.

After you been prepare your Curiculum Vitae and etc you must know what the condition of your targeted office. you can see the condition  with look at the worker at your targeted office. like how the relation another worker, are they smile if they meeting? if not , i think the worker work with individuals not work with team, and office with individuals work willn't be succes so you better search another office where the worker work tih team. The office with team work will be succes and so you can enjoy with another worker.

After you find the office that can work with team, i think you can Apply For A Job there but before it you must be careful with your facebook accounts. Are you have ever that 10 poeple have been rejected from A Ofiice because her accounts on facebook. i think they will look your facebook before accept you on their office. so if you have problem with your accounts facebook like you post many word which can make another people be negativ think about you (rude words). If you a great person i think you can get many job with easy. so.. you must be good person. and remember all your accounts like blog, twitter and another.

Ok now follow my step, before you check in to the office you must smile with security and another people, but don't smile with over they can thing that you crazy. After it go the information and then ask what do you want, and do not forget for smile, smile can make you be enjoy with another people. after it if you must meet with the BOS you do not be nervous, make your dialog so enjoy. And tell that the real of your condition. i think if you tell not the real its make your next day will be hard.honest is a gold!

Ok if you been aproved in your targeted office now you must be so enjoyed with another people do not make another people angry with you. and do not forget to give thanks. i think on the first day you will be bored because you not yet do for one job, ITS GOOD! you can use that time for know what the many people,how the nature of a person? so you can use your day for adapted with another people and remember! do not Do not interrupt people's work.

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