Monday, May 31, 2010

Make Online Streaming Radio

I have a dream to make a my national television, but i think i must spent my money a lot. and then i think i will build a radio stations yea.. and i know i must spent my day to work for get money and build a radio station, its very hard but i know i can. one day i think its must have a long time, how i can create my radio? and i googling and i find  articles where we can make radio station with free its 100% free, how can i do it? with online streaming radio.

Firstly if you want to build your online streaming radio you must have a winamp player and DSP plugin for winamp, you can download it on 4shared or search it by google. after it you need streaming hosting, its very cheap but you can get it free at

if you have a that 3 components (Winamp Player, DSP plugin, Account at so you ready to build your online streaming radio, follow this step by step :

1. Login to
2. find and click at Radio Installation
3. fill into the bottom form and the click install
4. on instalation status please chose server
5. chose server UK, DE or USA
6. Relogin, if you find eror change your server with reinstall
7. click radio details and copy it
8. open your winamp
9. and the push ctrl+p
10. click DSP/Effect
11. click Nullsoft SHOUTcast
12. fill output configuration with your server in radio detail
13. and fill yellowpages for your detail
14. you can chose winamp input or soundcard input if you use a mic
15. go to and then turn on your radio
16. on your winnamp dsp click connect.

now your radio already on air ^_^ your listener can hear your online streaming radio by the url listen2myradio give to you, like this ar you can place it at your site with be a premium member.

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