Saturday, May 15, 2010

Inspiration to Write a Blogpost

Dear blogger, i think all of you has a time where you bored to write a blogpost, you can't find a something for writed in your blog. i think we are as same as have been feel it. When i was bored to write a post i can't do anything to get inspired, you can call it moody bloggers, when i have good mood i write a blogpost with all in my imajination,  and when i have bad mood i can't posting anything for my blog. its very distrub for me, beside it's my new blog so i must promote this blog with a great content to show an visitor. If compared with store, your store will be not known because your merchandise is so ancient, so you must have a new or fresh merchandise for your strore and your store will be known. yea.. its a big problem for bloggers, how to get inspiration for blogging?

Write what you understand

I think the most blogger write just for updating their blog but they did't understand with they did write, its automate make your reputation or your content reputain will be down. If you just write title what you find on another blog, you will be very difficulty to write it, maybe you will copied that content because you can write about it, its make you be a plagarist content. So better you write about your specification. its will be easy to write something so you don't focus on the updating blog but focus on the created good content for the visitor.

Don be confused for post anything

The blogger have a many ideas in their imajination but they confused to chose which the ideas for write in their blogs. I think bloggers must be calm to write something on ther blog. they musy chose 1 for today and they can save another ideas for tomorrow post. with this way you can get plan for post next day. but if you bloggers with minimum ideas  i think you can blogwalking to anther blog, see what do you interest, and posting about it, but remember do be forgeted to write what you understand, if in you use blogspot you can use  next blog. on the navbar.

Read many referension

The blogger must have a lot referension, its make the bloggers have a inspiration for be writed in their blog. the referension like a book, articles ebook and another media's. referension is can be out of topics your blog, its make you find a your character for write a articles. If needed you must created a simple note characters of your articels.for example you write the mean of your title on paragraph one, and you write positive reviews on paragraph 2, and pn paragraph 3 you write about your experience about it.

i think 3 ways is a good think for your inspiration to write a blogpost, and the point of three opinion is you must write with your talent. and do not be a plagarist. If you have a lot ideas, write the first thinks and save your another thinks for your list to post.  if you have no ideas you can get inspiration by blogwalking and find another title and write about it but you must looking back your talent. if you be a bloggers you must have a lot referension and you must build your content characters.

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