Friday, May 7, 2010

How To Import Blogs Blogger To Wordpress

Blogger is a media where you can write online same as with wordpress. blogger is a aplication from google and wordpress from Many people like use blogger and wordpress.But they usually borred with blogger and they migration to wordpress. Many poeople wordpress is so SEO Friendly then blogger, but you can edit your blogger template and be SEO Friendly.The most people dont understand how to edit a blogger template so they chose migration to wordpress to get easy blogging. They do the migration to the wordpress with copy one per one of the articles. Oh no... its so tired so you can use import blog on wordpress. Its so simple because you willn't tired to copy your articles, haha its very easy. you can safe you energy and safe your time.

With wordpress you can get many apps for your blog and very easy instalation. you can use a themes with simple instalation and so SEO Friendly. And beside it you can get backlink from if you write a articles unique and on the top 10, your articles can shows a day on the dasboard so you can get a million traffic. If you use blog with SEO Friendly engine so you can get the most traffic by the search engine and i think visitor from search engine is so fundamental for your blog. and its can warm up your earning if you monotize your blog. but why this blog use blogger why not wordpress? i think the best free blog engine is blogger because you can input javascript code to your blog, are wordpress can't input javascript? Wordpress can input javascript but not on you can use on but you must rent a hosting for place your database, hosting is not to expenchive but i like free.

Beside it wordpress is too simple for me, i can't place a breadcrump for navigation on my blog (Because not but you can add a breadcrump in wordpress with plugin if your blog engine on your paid hosted. You can change your favicon if you not hosted your wordpress blog engine. You can't do this if you not use wordpress blog engine on your hosting.You can't add a related post link, you can't edit tag heading for SEO, you can't add a shoutmix box, you can't add a flash animation, and you can't use follow blog like aplication in blogspot. remember! its can't you do if you was not hosted your wordpress blog engine into your hosting, and i have a solution you can use free hosting for your wordpress blog engine but usually your page be placed some ads.

ok ok stop to big mouth! lets do import blogs blogger to wordress (can use in wordpress not hosted)
1. Go to your blogger dashbord
2. And then go to the setting tabs on your blogs
3. Chose export blog
4. Save your xml code
5. Go to
6. Search your blogger xml code
7. And then you must convert and save it
8. Go to your dasboard on wordpress
9. Find import blogs and clicks it
10. And then input your code has been converted on save and finish now look your blog

I think this step is very easy then another way, this is very simpel and 100% free. wordpress is good for the user who have a hosted.


SEO : Search Engine Optimation
SEO Friendly : very nice SEO
Template : Themes
Blogging : Blog Activition
Backlink : Link to your pages from another page
Dashboard : Home Page
Blog Engine : A media for blogging
Java Script : Script language
Breadcrump : Map navigation
Favicon : Image on url
Plugin : A tools
Hosting : A place where you can placed your files online
Heading Tag : HTML tag for head/title
Shoutmix Box : Mini shoutbox/guesbook
Flash Animation : Animation created from macromedia flash and etc
Ads : Advertisment
Database : Place for safe your content

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