Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Avoiding Plagarist Content

I often hear on the most blog where the content been copied they always angry with plagarist, the owner have been protected the content but the plagarist is so smart, they can finds 1000 ways to copy the blog content. oh.. its very very bad the owner tired to write a content but the plagarist just copy and paste in a minutes and we can't do anything. The owner/writer need a day or a week for write a content but with so simply the plagarist copy in a minutes its make very angry with plagarist. Its make duplicate content on the search engine and beside it search engine cannot analist who have the copyright of that contents. So you just must full protected on your content, how to do it? read more it now

You can give plus points if you content be copied and the plagarist placed your links on the pages where they copied your content, its mean you get free backlink from the plagarist,beside it it can be increase your pagerank and warm up your SERP. so you can get more visitor, your site be famous on the web.

Beside it if your content been copied its makes your SERP and Pagerank will be droped. Make your visitor been bored with your blogpost because the visitor been read thats articles on another pages, how do you fell? its your articles but the visitor claim you as plagarist, it make your reputation so bad.

Are my articles been copied?

How to check duplicate content?

You can check your content been copied or duplicate content in :
1. http://copyscape.com
2. http://dupecop.com

How To Avoiding Plagarist Content?
1. You can placed Plagarism Protected Banner in your blogs
    You can get the banner at http://copyscape.com sign up no requitments
2. You can disable drag and drop your content/body post for avoiding copy and  paste
  You can change tag <body> to <body onselectstart='return false' style='user-select: none; -khtml-user-select: none; -moz-user-select: none;'>

I think this way is so simple for newbie, this way is very famous and the plagarist can't copy your content. Note for you if you a plagarist, if you want to copy the articles you must have a promise, and you must add link back into pages where you copy that articles.

Dictionary :
Plagarist                 : Who do copied content
Duplicate Content    : Same contenr
Links                       : Where you click go to the another pages
SERP                       : How Search Engine Show Your Pages
Pagerank                : Rank of your page

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implanty said...

Well but what can you do if you have no response from the owner of the page that copied your content. I think everything you can is to change your content.

Tutorial, Tips, Trick, Info. said...

if your content been copied and you will contact the plagarist but have no responses, you can report it to google costumer support, and google SERP for the plagarist blog will be banned or deleted.

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