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SEO is a Search Engine Optimation, mean optiomationing search engine for get more visitor to your blog. Why visitor from search engine? i can get visitor from place a link in many blog where i have been visited by blogwalking. Yea.. you can get visitor by many links where you have been placed by blogwalking. Are its permanently? the administrator can dellete your link, and so if the admin of that blog doesn't optimation his blog, so you can't get visitor too. That way is spend your time and your energy. You must add a comment even you blogwalking for placed link and hope someone click your link and go to your blog. Its very tired if you do it. so? you can use SEO.

With Search Engine Optimation you will get a permanently visitor. and visitor from search engine is more importand then visitor by blogwalking. Because the visitor from search engine is always need information from your blog, and visitor from blogwalking almost they just for looking not read your articels. SEO is a importand for your blog, No SEO = No Importand Visitor. With SEO you can safe 99% your money for offline promotional like place banner at roads. SEO is a simple way for promotion your blog.

But with this simpel way is not instant, you must be fight with another site who use SEO. you must be extra focus for Search Engine Optimation. SEO trick is differnt with any search engine, maybe good for search engine A but very bad for search engine B. oh so you must chose one from million top search engine for optiomationing. But the most people usullay just use one favorites search engine for searching. I think SEO is avaliable for text sites only and not avaliable for full flash site. If you follow bad technic of SEO maybe you can't get visitor, so you must follow SEO lesson with the best rating to do.

In SEO i know there are 2 type SEO on page and SEO External page. On page mean you optimationing on your webpage , external page mean you optiomaning on another blog page. On page and external SEO is same as importand with 50:50 , there is the top use type of SEO :

On Page :
1. Meta Tag
Meta tag is use for tagging your page at search engine, so search engine can chose wich site to be dispalayed on a keywords. Meta tag is usually placed after <head> code. This is a simple/fundamental meta tag for blogpage. like this :

<meta name="description" content="YOUR DESCRIPTION" />
<meta name="keywords" content="YOUR KEYWORDS" />

2 Title
Title is point for your blogpost. Title must same as with your content. beside it you can use heading tag <h1> or <h2> for your title, like this:
<h1>YOUR TITLE</h1>

3. Content
Content is must unique content. Write content min 300 Words for good SEO. and content must relefant with your title.

4. Keyword
Keyword is top of all for SEO tips. you must placed many keyword at your blogpost and at your title.

External Page :
1. Site links
One way for SEO at external page are you must be linked in related site. but its very hard for get links, so you can use social bookmark for it.

from tips SEO in the top, i very like chose SEO tips on page at numer 3? why? because is you write a good content, you can get links from reader, your keyword is so on your content and your title. And meta tag is can be adapted with your content. with unique and qualited content you can get all SEO tips. so lets write with good and so friendly.

Dictionary :
SEO : Search Engine Optimation
Blog : Place for write something and another online
Link :A text if you click you go to another page
Blogwalking : Go to the another blog for placed link by comment
Search Engine : like a index of book or catalogue but its online
On page : On that page
External Page : Not on that page/another page
Meta Tag : Is a html (Hyper text markup language) tag for description
Keyword : Word where the people search in search engine
Heading Tag : HTML tag for head/title
Content : Articles or another in your site

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