Saturday, April 10, 2010

Monotize your Twitter Accounts

hey friends thank to come back and see my blopost at blogspot. ^_^ now i will share with you about monotize your account twitter. i will tel you how you can monotize your twitter, you will be placed many ads into your twit on your twitter account, if any people klik link on this ad you will be pay until 0.03$/click. after your balance up to 30$ you can request it via paypal you can register here there are many aplication to monotize twitter but in this section will introduce twivert, twivert is different then another aplication, twiver have a autotwitt so you can earn will sleep.

its a step for monotize your profile:
1. Signup your twitter account to twivert register here
2. Setup to autotweeting
3. save and finish ^_^ wait until your balance 30$ and you can request payout via paypal.

keep smile all ^_^ come back ^_^

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Ning Susiwi said...

Great news, friend. I like the way how to promote through twitter.Twivert is awesome,too.This site can make money everyday,I believe it.

Tutorial, Tips, Trick, Info. said...

:'( hm... but now my twitter accounts is suspended, i can't monotize twitter again.

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