Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Make A Simple Guestbook With Shoutmix

Your site can be life if the visitor can be comunication with the administrator or another user. I think there are 99% blog have most visitor when that blog have a guestbook. When the visitor cannot understand what the mean of your content the visitor can be interaction with administrator or with another user to get a real information with acurat. This is make your visitor enjoy at your pages. And you can get opinion from your the visitors of your pages, so? you can build your page or your content with perfectly. I like call this is with guestbook and coment form, Guestbook is a page for opinion or contact only. and comment form is a place for give a respond of the content. In the most blog engine coment form is usually is a fundamental, so the coment form you look is at all blog engine. But not with guestbook, the blog engine which use widgets guestbook or page guestbook is 18% from all blog engine has been review by me, but make a guestbook is not easy for newbie, so i will share how to make a simple guestbook with shoutmix.

Shoutmix is easy and simple guetbook, this is free and this is very easy to create in a minutes. Shoutmix have a template template for your unique themes or you can create your stylish. Shoutmix is easy registrasion, i look in the word shoutmix is number one in free guestbook widgets. Shoutmix is a guestbook with javascript code, so you can place this is into your blogspot blog engine. Shoutmix have no ads to your blogs, shoutmix is support for any language, shoutmix can be insert with smiley or emoticon, and you can dellete the messege is not good for you. Beside it if the visitor post a link the link can be automaticaly change with *LINK* so your shoutmix be a nice for see. With shoutmix you can get the nice mini guestbook for free, and if you be a premium member you can get another good services, and etc.

But in words is can't get with 100% for optimal quality, so? this is a minus point for non premium member of shoutmix or i like call it with "FREE MEMBER"
1. The visitor just can leave messege with 150 characters.
2. The visitor have quota in +- 60 messege per our.
3. You cannot remove shoutmix link.
4. Cannot banned IP who leave comment with all did you dislike it.
5. There are no online counter adn user list.
6. There are no full archived.
7. The emoticon just only 10.
8. Max save messege is 250 messeges.
9. Automatical referesh just 1X per minutes.

How To Add Shoutmix To Your Blog ?

1. Go to
2. And then click "Create Shoutbox"
3. Fill all of the form for registrasion
4. Check "I have read and agree to the Terms of Service."
5. Continue
6. Chose stylish for your shoutbox
7. Continue
8. Click "Go To Control Panel"
9. And click get codes (You can set width and height there) and copy to your blog

I will give you exampel for add shoutbox in blogspot :
1. Login into your blogspot account
2. On the dasboard click layouts
3. And then click add widgets
4. And then click HTML/JavaScript
5. Login into your shoutmix accounts
6. Go to the control panel
7. And click get codes, copy that codes
8. Paste into your new added HTML/JavaScript box in blogspot
9. Save and Finish

Shoutmix is my favorites shoutbox then another aplication, because its give a good aplication for a free member then another free aplication for shoutbox. Shoutmix is a nice for activition for blogging, the visitor chose write in shoutbox then write in comments form because its fery fast load. Not blog if not use shoutmix okay? with shoutmix we can blogging with network. My rating for shoutmix is 2 thumbs

Dictionary :

Blog : Place for write something and another online
Pages : A page on a site
Visitor : Another people who visit your site
Content : Articles or another in your site
Guestbook : Place who the visitor can be archived
Comment Form : Place where you can leave some comments at the page
Blog Engine : A template/platform for make a blog
Newbie : Level lowest or new
Shoutmix : A media for get free shoutbox
Shoutbos : A media for leave some comments
Widgets : A aplication added
JavaScript : Script language
Blospot : A free blog engine
Smiely : Emoticon for tell about the taste
Link : A text if you click you go to another page
Premium : A member who have been paid
IP : A identity for your location
Online Counter : A widgets for show how many visitor on your page
Refresh : Load Again
Archived : Listing Full data
Terms of Service : Must to Do (rule)
Stylish : Type Of Shoutbox
Blogging : Blog Activition
Network : Relation
Ads : Advertisment

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