Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Free Ipod from lockerz

hello netter ^_^ now i will tell to you about free ipod from ^_^ yea.. lockerz is like a facebook, lockerz is now in promotion so lockerz now give you dive for your activity in, 1 activition you give until 4 PTZ you must have 800 PTZ to got a ipod for free ^_^ haha its easy way to get gadget like ipod and etc. you also can get cash money from lockerz ^_^ hehe

If you you can do it for get PTZ:
1. Invite friends to lockerz (2 PTZ)
2. Login (2 PTZ)
3. Answer daily question (2 PTZ)
4. Watch Video (2 PTZ)

If you in locker z-list, what it is? Z-list if you has been invite 20 people, in z list you can get double PTZ a activition. look my predicition :
Day | Action | PTZ

Day 1 | Invite 20 Friends (20), login (4) Answer question (4) watch video (4) | 32
Day 2 | login (4) Answer question (4) watch video (4)| 12
Day 3
Day 4
Day ....

in 30 day you can get 380 PTZ in 60 day you can get 760 PTZ so, in 64 day you can get free ipod from lockerz.

to join with lockerz you must be invited from email, if you want to get invited comment with your email ^_^ its was not published ^_^

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