Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free 100 SMS a Day

Hei friends do you know ? is a site when you can get free 100 SMS a day, really its 100% free ^_^ haha nice site.. this site is different then other because in this site the recipient can reply your messege and you so can read it at this site ^_^ haha nice site.

About Free SMS 4 Us :

Send FREE SMS or SMS GRATIS to this GSM and CDMA operators : (Telkomsel) Simpati, As, Halo, (Indosat) Mentari, Matrix, IM3, Starone, XL, (Natrindo) AXIS, (Hutchison) 3, (Telkom) Flexy, (Bakrie) Esia, Wifone, (Mobile-8) Fren, Mobi, Hepi, (Sampoerna) Ceria, Smart. Get your 100 free SMS with 5000 FREE SMS available EVERY DAY! (reset at 06:00). This Free SMS is provided by who offer cheap BulkSMS, WebSMS, Masking SMS, SMS Sender ID, Customize SMS Gateway, SMS Blast you name it and will provide it for you.

okeh lets go to ^_^ and came back to read my next blogpost at blogspot.

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