Sunday, April 4, 2010

Facebook Vs Twitter

Facebook is most popular social network, you can get all what do you want on facebook, ^_^ like a share photo, share video, share yours updates. ^_^ with facebook you can make money from aplication.. you can make an aplication and get money by the promotion on your aplication, it so easy if you know ^_^

beside it, in facebook you are aesy to find your friend by email, by name, by her phone and etc.. ^_^ but in facebook i dont like is a fake profile, its very bad.. in facebook no any somthing can see are this profile fake or not.

Twitter is like a facebook, but the system is not like add friend and aprove friend, but in twitter is follow and unfollow, in twitter you can comunication with all user of twitter ^_^ is so cool you can get updates of your favorites people... in twitter you can find many language like RT, Mentions, etc you must know it to play twitter.

In twitter you can see this profile fake or not by the verivication badge on twitter ^_^ so you can get the right information, but in twitter you very hard to find your friends.. because in profile twitter you can get a few information of the user ^_^ i like twitter than facebook because in twitter are trending topics and you can monotise to..

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