Sunday, March 28, 2010

My First Blogpost

hello all it is my first blogpost at this blogspot, in my first blogspot i wanna tell about emh.. what the better i write in my first blogpost? oh yea.. i know.. i want to tell about my hobies, yea.. blogging its my hobbies ^_^ i can share and i can get all what i want ^_^

with blogging certainly i can get many friends, ^_^ i can get many friends without limit, the first time i like blogging at 2 th class of junior high school ^_^ i like read blogpost with internet news topic, tutorial, etc and i begin write blog with tutorial blog topics

and until now i very like blogging, but usually i can blogging if i have baad mod, oh.. its very bad, if i bad mood usually i go to social bookmark its can make me happy even tough not pemanently ^_^ haha, okay welcome to the My First Blogpost ^_^ (i can't speak english well)

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