Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Make Film Is Easy

I have been recived 1 job be sutradara and make a dialog about one film. On this film i will targeted finised before August 2010, ^_^ but i have no ideas for the dialog, i need a inspiration. emh.. sory i can't share my ideas, i think you will coppy my style, copy my ideas. ^_^ hehe... what you do first? if you want make a film?

my opinion about first step to make a film are,
1. Build your team or crew :)
2. Find the different ideas, no any have been published ^_^
3. Make a schedule ofcourse (deadline)
4. Write the dialog
5. Casting players
6. Find the best location for your take picture
7. Shooting
8. and then edit your film
9. and the last promotion section

Make film is very easy, but you must have time to do this job. ^_^ haha, i want to be a famous sutradara, support me please ^_^ okay...
wait my next blogpost at blogspot

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