Monday, March 29, 2010

Counter Strike is My Favorit Game

hei i love Counter Strike, counter strike is my favorites game. this game is very nice for me, this game very very cool, ^_^ i love counter strike 1.6 and counter strike CZ (Condition Zero) on this game you can chose tou will be terroris or counter teroris, i like both of them, ^_^ my favorites map is in speed run, but i cant find this map in counter strike cs 1.6 or counter strike condition zero, oh :'( are you have that map for cs 1.6? please share here.. i wanna give you smile ^_^

i will share my trik about how to play counter strike with nice:
1. Kill enemy with your weapon at head (headshot)
2. Do not stay at your position, you must go and go!
3. Shot the enemy with run, do not stay at your position
4. Always use flashbank 2x its very helpfull
5. emh.. etc ^_^

enjoy my post

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